Exhibition stend for Your company

Without advertising, the worst thing will happen - nothing will happen.

- Tom Biscardi

If they talk about advertising, it's bad advertising. If they talk about a product, it's a great ad

- David Ogilvie

Only the mint can make money without advertising

- Thomas Macaulay

Marketing is a game where a simple idea wins over a complex one

- Jack Trout

People only buy when they are ready to buy. Not when you're ready to sell 

- Drayton Bird

We build exhibition stands to solve Your problems within the allocated budget!

Up to 80% of exhibition visitors will stay at your company's stand

Algorithm for developing a Stand for an exhibition

We get a task from you

We study the task, Analyze, Clarify, Discuss

We develop the layout, calculate the cost, and agree the price with You

We are refining the layout taking into account all the refinements

Sign the contract

We perform the production of technical documentation

We coordinate the project with the technical services of the exhibition center

We perform pre-installation preparation in production

Assembly of the stand in the exhibition center

Delivery of the finished stand!

Client feedback

80 + satisfied customers

We are already not the first year working with the company TESLAEXPO. We always get the right design within our budget. The finished stand is always built on the morning of the third day of installation. At the exhibition, it is pleasant to invite guests to the stand, both new clients and VIP clients

Maxim Mahk

Company RADIAN

We submitted an application a month before the exhibition Furniture 2019, the company was not known to us, so there were concerns - how to build, when, from what... But from the conversation it turned out that the company employs professionals and installation but not only for the conversation! Everything was done within the agreed time frame. We put our samples in quiet mode and went about our business at 17 o'clock on the last day of installation.

Rustam Nailovich

GC Kristall

TELEXPO is the only company that offered us a reasonable price for the construction of a conference hall. At the same time, the quality of construction is at a high level. In addition to the building, they also equipped it with additional equipment, whether it is furniture, a TV or a video camera. We work on the principle - " in one window"

Maxim Tupin


Работаем с ребятами не первый год, делают все четко, бывают задержки при согласовании, но не критично. А в целом - хорошие специалисты в своем деле. Стенды сдают всегда вовремя, без проволочек. По оплате - очень комфортно разбивают на части, не приходится сразу дергать большие суммы из обороти компании.

Василий Бочаров


Our works (photos from buildings)

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Tickets for employees to the exhibition

  We care about our customers, and now you don't need to go anywhere from our website to order plane tickets for the company's employees who will work at the exhibition. We have agreed with the largest flight selection service, just go to the selection page and make an order!

Our client

We perform a full cycle of work on the production of your company's exhibition stand


We will complete the design project of the exhibition stand in 3 days. Graduates of leading art schools work on design.

Чертеж Выставочного стенда


Development of technical documentation for construction and coordination with exhibition centers.


High-quality installation in accordance with the layout of the exhibition stand, on time without delay

The design of the exhibition stand is thought out to the smallest detail

  • Organizing the presentation of a new product on the stand. 
  • Increase brand awareness. 
  • Increase your competitiveness by attracting up to 80% of exhibition visitors to your stand

Кинокомпания "МЕЛЬНИЦА"
Кинокомпания "МЕЛЬНИЦА"
Выставочный стенд на Фестиваль Мультимир 2017

Construction is carried out from scratch on a turnkey basis


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